Keeping in Touch

Tayside Construction Forum will keep in touch with members by e-mail and by posting download documents onto this website. 

The Annual General Meeting of the Forum will annually vote in an Executive Committee whose job it will be to develop the programme of events and initiate and pursue the lobbying / representation of the Forum on construction related issues of concern and will do so taking into account the views of the membership on critical issues. 

Members of the Forum will be consulted on critical development issues and industry concerns – as far as that is possible and practical so that the idea of ‘Forum’ is realised and its potential maximised. Use of on-line survey sites will enable the TCF Executive to establish views of members on critical issues so that when TCF engages with others it can do so with some strength.

Where the Executive, on behalf of the membership, wants to sound out ideas and concerns e-mails will be sent to all members (for company membership e-mails will be sent to the contact person named in the membership register), so that every member has then opportunity to make their views known – and to be considered in developing lobbying or other activities by the Forum.

Members are encouraged to e-mail industry concerns, developments and suggestions for events to members of the Executive Committee:

TCF Administrator:                         Lyndsay Kenny


Chairman: Ian Lindsay