The name of this unincorporated organisation shall be the Tayside Construction Forum or any other name chosen by the members (hereafter referred to as “The Forum”).


The Forum has been formed to assist the local construction industry in Tayside (“the Construction Industry”) to become more effective and efficient enabling it to make a greater contribution to the local economy and environment.

The Forum through its members will promote good practice in the Construction Industry operating in Tayside to enable it to compete in a changing environment.

The Forum will be a vehicle to facilitate the free flow of information between clients, the Construction Industry and other key agencies and will seek to influence decision making through its Members and Construction Scotland (or any replacement organisation).


The Forum will act as a focal point to promote and assist the Construction Industry and will focus on the following key objectives:

Improving Access to Existing Support

  • Linking professional networks and trade bodies
  • Broadening access to Tertiary Education resources
  • Access to business support and funding
  • Development of website for members
  • Publicising events within website and newsletter

Project Information & Supply Chain Operation

  • Providing advice on accessing tender lists
  • Providing a forum to advertise forthcoming tenders
  • Promoting use of appropriate PQQ documentation
  • Promoting benefits of community engagement

Improving Construction Skills and Standards

  • Work with schools and academic institutions to raise entry standards of apprentices and graduates
  • Assist in workforce development through promoting and sharing relevant training events and opportunities
  • Management skills

Promoting Best Practice

  • Sustainability within construction
  • Business efficiency
  • Health and Safety practices
  • Innovation

Organisational Status and Management 

The Forum shall be an unincorporated, not for profit organisation and shall be independent of any sponsoring and/or funding organisations. 

Registration and participation in the business of The Forum shall be open to all involved in and/or having an interest in the Construction Industry. This shall include but not be restricted to: Clients, Suppliers, Contractors, Specifiers, Consultants, Specialist sub-contractors, Public Sector bodies and agencies. To allow the Forum to fund its future activities, the Executive Committee will be permitted to charge a levy on all members of the Forum.  The level of said levy will require to be agreed by a majority of the Executive Committee.

The Forum will be managed by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be as representative as possible of the various parts of the Construction Industry within Tayside. 

The Executive Committee will consist of 5 (five) elected and a minimum of 4 (four) co-opted, non-voting members of the Forum. All members elected to the Executive Committee shall serve for a period ending on the fifth Annual General Meeting following that at which they were elected.  Members may stand for re-election.  All Members co-opted to the Executive Committee shall serve for a period ending on the first meeting of the Executive Committee following the fifth anniversary of their co-option. Members may be co-opted for more than one such period  Only Forum Members are eligible to be elected or co-opted to the Executive Committee. 

The 5 (five) elected members of the Executive Committee shall initially comprise [Neil Simpson, Professor Malcolm Horner, Nick Charlton Smith, Derek McNulty, Chris Ashe and [vice chair]].  These individuals shall serve until the first Annual General Meeting following the adoption of this Constitution, whereupon they shall resign and the Forum shall elect the 5 (five) members of the Executive Committee.  The named individuals will be entitled to stand for election at such Annual General Meeting.  

The Executive shall have the power to co-opt members of the Executive Committee to fill vacancies in the elected members until the next General Meeting, whereupon the Forum shall elect members to fill those vacancies.   The Executive shall have the power to co-opt non-voting members of the Executive Committee, including a Secretary and Treasurer. Any member of the Executive Committee who becomes apparently insolvent or who consistently fails to carry out his/her duties or regularly attend meetings of the Steering Group or ceases to be a member of The Forum will be excluded from membership of the Executive Committee and a vacancy will be deemed to have arisen.

The Executive Committee shall have delegated authority to conduct the business of the Forum including the acquisition of necessary funding and appointment of required resources including the establishment of sub-committees and co-option of up to 3 (three) Members to such sub-committees if required.

A Chairperson plus Vice-Chairperson will be appointed from within the elected members of the Executive Committee and thereafter as vacancies arise. 

Meetings of The Forum

The Forum shall meet at least once a year and shall be advised as to progress and activity and review priorities as required. 

The first meeting of The Forum in each calendar year shall also be the Annual General Meeting of The Forum. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to confirm the minutes of the previous meeting; to deal with the election of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and other members of the Executive Committee; to receive the annual report and accounts; to receive a report of the previous year’s activities; and deal with any other competent business. 

The Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly to conduct the business of The Forum. 

A Special General Meeting of The Forum may be held on the request of at least 15 (fifteen) members eligible to vote and giving at least 1 (one) month's written notice of the required meeting. 

There shall be no limit to the number of representatives from individual firms/organisations attending and participating in meetings of The Forum.  Those participating in the business of The Forum shall be expected to contribute their time and resources in the furtherance of its objects. 

Voting and Quorum

  1. Where required, voting shall be by show of hands. 
  2. All those registered with The Forum at the date of the Annual or Special General Meeting shall be eligible to vote. 
  3. All eligible organisations so registered shall be entitled to 1 (one) voting representative. 
  4. Each representative whether organisational or independent shall have 1 (one) vote. 
  5. Any representative having a potential conflict of interest on any matter shall declare same and shall be prohibited from voting on said matter. 
  6. At the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting, the quorum shall be 15 (fifteen) representatives present and eligible to vote. 
  7. The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be 3 (three) of the 5 (five) elected representatives. 
  8. Should there be an equal number of votes, for and against, on any issue, at either Forum or Executive Committee meetings, the Chairperson shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote. 

Amendment to Constitution

This Constitution may be amended by resolution carried by three quarters of those in attendance and eligible to vote at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose all members having received written notice of the proposed amendment. 


The Forum may be dissolved by a resolution carried by three quarters of its members in attendance and eligible to vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose all members having received written notice of the proposed dissolution.

If the said resolution is passed, a final report on the affairs of The Forum (including its financial affairs) will be prepared and circulated to all members within 3 (three) months of the date of dissolution.

ADOPTED at a General Meeting of Tayside Construction Forum held in Dundee on 7 December 2011.

Name:  Neil Simpson, Chairman

Signed:  ................................

Witness:    ............................

Full Name: Graham Jackson, Secretary