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Occasionally the Tayside Construction Forum will also advise members of events, course, meetings given by other organisations and provide links to the relevant information, where possible.  Members will be advised by e-mail and if there is information that needs to be made available on the Tayside Construction Forum website it will be posted here.


Angus Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

Currently open to employers and youngsters and looking to recruit both – can you help?

Angus Shared Apprenticeship Scheme was set up to address two main issues:

1.      Following recession, many small companies could not commit to the traditional 4 year apprenticeship programme due to a downturn in work and reducing order book.

2.      Young people interested in a career in the construction sector were therefore unable to seek experience, training and employment.

ASAP offers a full service to employers so that they can take someone on for a minimum of 3 months (this gives the young person the opportunity to gain a variety of skills across a number of trades, with different employers and ultimately provides the longer term chance to complete their qualification over the 4 years).  There’s a Q & A list in the attached leaflet for further information.

The contact name for anyone interested at the moment (employers and youngsters) is:

Kate Adamson (D&A College)


01241 432642